10 Tricky Questions to Ask SEO Agency when Hiring

Hiring an SEO agency is a very important step for a business. No one does not want to invest in vain. That’s why we will share a few clever questions to ask SEO agency to find the perfect agency for your business. So, if you don’t know what to look for when hiring an SEO company, don’t worry. Keep reading this article to find our secret strategy. 

Rank Binary is an SEO agency that is helping small online businesses to grow the online business. We have analyzed a lot of customers about their requirements and business strategy. We have also worked with a lot of customers. That’s why we know what questions to ask SEO agencies to find the best company for your business growth. 

10 Tricky questions to ask SEO agency when hiring

A lot of fake SEO gurus are available in the market. That’s why you will be confused about their services. They offer their service at a very low price. Remember, quality service costs money. You can filter out all the fake SEO agencies by asking these tricky questions. 

1. Ask about their experience

Why do you hire an SEO agency with less experience? when you have opportunities to hire an experienced agency. Google algorithm changes frequently. That’s why at least a couple of years of experience is a key point to success to rank with SEO.

2. Ask about their working process

SEO works better with teamwork instead of a single buyer. So, ask about their teamwork process. If they can give you a satisfactory answer, then scroll for the next questions otherwise find another agency. 

3. How long it will take to result?

SEO takes time for effective impact on a website. But an experienced SEO agency should give you a time frame for the result. It could be up to 6 months to impact SEO results.

4. Do they follow Google’s best practices?

Ask about the latest google algorithm update to ensure they are up to date with the latest google strategy. Otherwise, they will fail to apply google’s best practices.

5. Who is your longest Client?

Ask about their longest client and how they improve their business. If they do not any clients over 6 months, then try to skip their agency.

6. Do they guarantee No. 1 rankings?

Nowadays, the so-called ‘SEO guru’ guarantee 100% SEO ranking. But no one can guarantee 100% ranking. But they can guarantee 100% SEO practices on your website. 

7. How often will we be having meetings?

Ask them about the meeting schedule? It’s important to get full transparency on work.

8. What tools do you use?

Ask them about all the tools they use to research keywords, analyze competitors, monitor backlinks, and ranking position.

9. How many hours can we expect per month?

It’s an important question that you should not ignore. Ask them about the approximate hours their team will spend on your project.

10. How do they report on progress and what does it look like?

Most of the company provides SEO report monthly. So, ask them about their report template and what will be provided on the reports.

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