Website Development Service

Build a Mobile Friendly & SEO Optimized Website for Your Business.

Your website is the brand identity and backbone of your business. You can get the audience’s attention with your website. A custom-built website offers more freedom to build your own identity. You can build a strong brand reputation by creating a unique user experience for your visitors with Rank Binary.

A responsive custom-built website may be an eCommerce site or a service-providing site. It always creates a positive impression on your online visitors. According to the eCommerce Foundation, around 88% of U.S. customers perform online research before making an online purchase or visiting a local store. So, it’s a great opportunity to attract online consumers with a custom website design.

Custom Website Design vs. Website Theme: What's Right for Your Business?

A website is a platform where you can showcase your service or product. It allows you to connect with your customers. You can build your website with a website theme based on a CMS like WordPress, Weebly, or Wix. The Prebuild theme comes with very limited features where a customer website could be built according to your requirements.

Website Theme

A large number of website owners use CMS to build their business websites. The main advantages of CMS are prebuilt themes and a large number of plugins. It allows anyone to build a website fast. You will only need to change the features using HTML or CSS. They will save your time. Various options are available in the market.

Custom Website

A custom-built website can be a business website, an e-commerce website, or web-based software. It allows us to build according to the client’s requirements. The main benefits of a custom-built website are the latest technology in coding and better security. It is more search engine friendly and the designs are more optimized. No more junk code is used where a website theme has junk code. 

Why Custom Website Design and Development is the Best Option?

Today’s market is very competitive. A unique custom designed website can be a key to the success of your business. Custom websites always allow us to create high-performing and stable websites. You can avoid unnecessary functionalities and codes to increase load time. We offer brand-personalized designs that represent your business including SEO functions and Google-friendly UI/UX. 

  • Did you know that nearly 40% of online users abandon a website that takes longer than three seconds to load?
  • 48% of users indicate website design as a deciding factor. 
  • Almost 90% of online shoppers trust a brand that provides a positive experience.
A custom-designed website can have a brand identity with its unique design and features. So, don’t miss this opportunity to grow your business. Contact Rank Binary today to build your website.

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FAQ: Website Development Service

Yes, we offer full SEO functionality to optimize your business website.

It depends on the size of the website and the number of pages. It could be $800-$3000.

We offer basic off-page SEO for free. If you need premium service, you have to hire Rank Binary for SEO services.

Yes, we provide content for your website. But if you cross our limitation, you have to pay extra money.

It is 100% mobile friendly and optimized for mobile users.

We provide hosting services based on our client’s requirements with fees.

Yes, we offer a logo design service. It is free if you order above the $1000 package.

It depends on the project size. It could take 3 to 10 weeks.